March 18

Say Hello to the Agrihood Lifestyle!


Arden boasts an array of features that make it a very desirable location to call home, but it’s the agrihood that makes it truly special. Currently, according to the Urban Land Institute, there are about 27 agrihood communities in various stages of development in the United States, and Arden is the first in South Florida.  While agrihoods are relatively new, their popularity has steadily been gaining momentum.

What is an agrihood? The term, short for “agricultural neighborhood”, refers to master-planned communities with working farms and ample green space as their focus. Agrihoods cater to families focused on a healthy lifestyle including staying active, eating heathy and spending time outdoors. But that doesn’t mean agrihoods are off the grid; they offer rural living with convenience and in the case of Arden, that convenience is all that Palm Beach County has to offer. Think of agrihoods as the golf communities of the 21st century, replacing manicured greens with rows of crops!  Instead of being built around a golf course, an agrihood is built around a communal farm.

Arden brings the farm-to-table experience to your front and back doors.  With five acres devoted to cultivation, residents can enjoy simply watching the growth and harvesting from season to season, or actively participating alongside our farm directors. Either way, residents reap the benefits of the Arden communal farm, the epicenter of our agrihood. Who wouldn’t want access to fresh produce just outside their door? And the Florida climate supports that all year long.

Together with the communal farm and garden, residents have access to the community barn, which hosts special events and classes in a wide range of topics designed to appeal to those embracing a healthy lifestyle.  It also serves as a great spot to meet and connect with your neighbors, another way that Arden fosters a true sense of community, not just a residence.

Arden defines the very concept of “ample green space”; there are 500 acres of land with 20 miles of trails, a mile-long lake for kayaking and fishing, parks and sport fields. The well-marked and mapped trails wind through every neighborhood in Arden. Virtually every Arden homesite adjoins green space, whether a park, greenway or nature trail. At Arden there is every opportunity to access nature and enjoy the outdoors year-round, and certainly no better place to do that than South Florida.

Agrihoods are not limited to a specific age group; they transcend generations.  From millennials to Gen-Xers to baby boomers, active families will have everything they need at their Arden doorstep to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Contact Your Arden Realtor, Deborah Anderson, and meet your future today at Arden!  As an Arden resident, and a realtor with 25+ years of experience in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, Deborah can show you first-hand what it means to live and love the agrihood lifestyle. You can reach her by email at YourArdenRealtor@gmail.com, by phone at +1 (954) 914-4966, or through her website.

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