Welcome to the Agrihood!

One of the few places in the country to offer a community farm, Arden’s focus on healthy living is enhanced by five acres of farming fun.

Residents will enjoy the simple pleasures of watching the corn and sunflowers grow, or taking seasonal classes in the community barn on a wide range of topics — from healthy recipes to pumpkin carving.


A rich, earthy dimension to life at Arden, the community farm and garden offer children the opportunity to learn about the full spectrum of food production and healthy eating by following the seeds they plant through to harvest. Arden combines the simple pleasures of country living with the connectivity and convenience of city life.


Known as “The Agrihood,” Residents of Arden not only share in the harvest of farm-fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs grown year-round, but they often take advantage of the variety of healthy "Made in Florida" local products that are also chosen for their ability to limit environmental impact. In addition to maintaining the expansive farm, Arden's two full-time farm directors Tripp and Carmen Eldridge help spearhead the careful selection of these products. Arden has an award-winning reputation for healthy and sustainable living that includes providing only the highest quality of locally grown and produced products to our residents of Arden.

“The joy we get every single day from helping Arden bring the Agrihood movement to South Florida is beyond rewarding. The concept of growing lean, nutritious food and then celebrating that food together as neighbors, is what drew us to this remarkable community. We love farm life and have made it our mission to help build an inclusive, fun-packed, welcoming environment here at the Arden Farm.”

– Tripp Eldridge & Carmen Franz, Arden Farm Directors


Arden Farm summer 2021

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